Questions About Check-out

If the PayPal Button does not seem to be working it could be one of two things.

1. Look at the top of the page for a security message bar, click “allow” and try again.

2. Try checking-out on a different browser. Firefox in particular can have problems, try Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari

If you are still unable to checkout, please email us at Sorry for any inconvenience!


“East or West coast, Glide-on has proven consistent performance and the most durable wax of any I have tried.  That it is environmentally friendly is a true plus.” (J.M.- Skier)

“Very sweet stuff…!” Cody D. (Neiva Snowboards, Midvale Utah)

“FAST, FAST, Long lasting on hard snow…!” Jason W. (Skier, Durango Colorado)

“Best wax I’ve ever used…!” Taylor C. (Skier, Bayfield Colorado)

“Worked wonders in Jackson Hole Wyoming!” Brett S. (Skier and Snowboarder)