How To


Glide-on Snow Riding Hot Wax can be used on skis, snowboards, skate skis, ski bikes, and skiboards, just as you would any hot melt glide wax. The base preparation and wax application are no different. However, if you are unfamiliar with waxing, instructions are as follows.

NOTE: If the edges need to be sharpened, do that first, then proceed with waxing.

1. Clean the Base:
Set waxing iron temperature to between 110 and 120 C (do not exceed 140 C, 300 F). Hold Glide-on Warm/Base Prep Wax against the hot iron and drip wax onto the length of the base. Spread the wax evenly across the surface with the iron, moving from tip to tail with smooth, even passes. Be sure to use enough wax to glide smoothly across the surface. While the wax is still molten, scrape with a sharp plexiglass scraper and finish with a clean cloth to remove all the remaining wet wax. Repeat ironing-in and hot-scraping a second time.

2. Saturate the Base:
Melt on a layer of Glide-on Warm/Base Prep Wax (or a harder wax, if you prefer) the length of the base and spread it evenly across the surface with a waxing iron, just as you did when cleaning the base. Repeat 3 times without scraping. After the 3rd application, scrape off the excess wax while still hot. This will clean the surface further and ensure thorough base saturation. Brush the base with a bronze brush from tip to tail approximately 10 times, with an overlapping movement. Finish with a softer brush.

3. Apply the Final Coat of Wax:
Set waxing iron to the recommended temperature for the wax you are using. Melt Glide-on Arctic, Cold, Medium, Warm or Graphite Wax over the length of the base. Iron from tip to tail to melt the wax into the pores of the base. Allow the base to cool completely (this is an important step to ensure that wax is easy to scrape). Use your plexiglass scraper to scrape the wax off the base, using smooth, evenly pressured strokes from tip to tail. Scrape until there is no visible wax on the surface, the rest has been absorbed into the base. Gently roughen the base with a stiff brush to break the glaze, then wipe clean.

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“East or West coast, Glide-on has proven consistent performance and the most durable wax of any I have tried.  That it is environmentally friendly is a true plus.” (J.M.- Skier)

“Very sweet stuff…!” Cody D. (Neiva Snowboards, Midvale Utah)

“FAST, FAST, Long lasting on hard snow…!” Jason W. (Skier, Durango Colorado)

“Best wax I’ve ever used…!” Taylor C. (Skier, Bayfield Colorado)

“Worked wonders in Jackson Hole Wyoming!” Brett S. (Skier and Snowboarder)