About Glide-on Wax


Superior glide wax for superior performance

Glide-on® is a Colorado-based company founded in 2006 by Lin Alicia Martin. While working as a chemist, Lin was shown three unique formulas for ski and snowboard glide wax (Warm, Medium and Cold). They were made of microcrystalline and paraffin waxes, plus a special ingredient that acts as a plasticizer. These wax formulas were thought to be superior to standard hydrocarbon waxes, so she had her friends and co-workers field test them. They reported that the wax formulas were superior to other hydrocarbon waxes on the market. Thus, Glide-on was born. All Glide-on Wax formulas are non-toxic and environmentally inert.

Lin has discovered that the plasticizer makes the difference. It gives Glide-on Wax more elasticity, durability, and speed without adding toxic chemicals. The plasticizer allows the microcrystalline content to be high, which makes the wax hard yet prevents it from being brittle. Through years of testing, Lin has perfected her formulas for optimum performance. She has since added a 4th formula, “Arctic”, for extreme colder temperatures and icy conditions, plus an addictive “Graphite” for all temperatures and conditions, and ideal on powder days.

Why It’s Important To Use a Non-Toxic Wax


“I would like to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the improvement and expansion of Glide-on Wax. I am forever grateful, thank you!” — Lin Alicia Martin (owner and creator of Glide-on Wax)


“East or West coast, Glide-on has proven consistent performance and the most durable wax of any I have tried.  That it is environmentally friendly is a true plus.” (J.M.- Skier)

“Very sweet stuff…!” Cody D. (Neiva Snowboards, Midvale Utah)

“FAST, FAST, Long lasting on hard snow…!” Jason W. (Skier, Durango Colorado)

“Best wax I’ve ever used…!” Taylor C. (Skier, Bayfield Colorado)

“Worked wonders in Jackson Hole Wyoming!” Brett S. (Skier and Snowboarder)