We’re sorry Glide On Wax products are temporarily unavailable.  Lin Martin passed away on June 1st.  A Memorial Celebration will be held on June 15th from Noon-3pm at the Forest Lakes Rec Center in Forest Lakes.  Please call Brandye Turner 970.749.1366 if you are able to bring a potluck dish.

Her son Kenny is reassessing the process and the business for the future.  We will let you know the status over the next few months.


Superior glide wax for superior performance

Glide-on is a super fast, non-toxic hot wax made with paraffin and microcrystalline waxes plus a special plasticizer ingredient that makes it smooth and elastic, never brittle. Glide-on is fast, durable and easy to apply (no flaking). With Glide-on Wax, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to go Non-Toxic!
Glide-on Wax can be used on Skis, Snowboards, Skate Skis, and Skiboards, just as you would any hot melt glide wax.
However, if you are unfamiliar with waxing check out our “How To” page

The Unique Benefits of Glide-on Wax:

  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe (free of PFC’s, PFOA’s and Molybdenum)
  • Faster than most higher priced hydrocarbon glide waxes
  • Handcrafted with care and precision for consistent quality
  • Minimal packaging to reduce waste
  • Personal and professional service
  • Competitively priced
Arctic non-toxic hot wax

Excellent for

-10 to 10 F
(-23 to -12 C)

Cold non-toxic hot wax

Perfect for freezing
10 to 28 F
(-12 to -2 C)

Medium non-toxic hot wax

Great for moderate
25 to 40 F
(-4 to 4 C)

Warm non-toxic hot wax

Ideal for Spring
34 to 50 F
(1 to 10 C)

Combo Packs non-toxic hot wax

Combo Packs
Create your own –
Choose 3 of the 4

Graphite non-toxic hot wax

Graphite Wax for all temperatures and conditions


“East or West coast, Glide-on has proven consistent performance and the most durable wax of any I have tried.  That it is environmentally friendly is a true plus.” (J.M.- Skier)

“Very sweet stuff…!” Cody D. (Neiva Snowboards, Midvale Utah)

“FAST, FAST, Long lasting on hard snow…!” Jason W. (Skier, Durango Colorado)

“Best wax I’ve ever used…!” Taylor C. (Skier, Bayfield Colorado)

“Worked wonders in Jackson Hole Wyoming!” Brett S. (Skier and Snowboarder)